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Little Trevor is determined to not leave ANYTHING off his Christmas list so he carries it with him everywhere he goes...for an entire year. Trevor thinks of eveything he could possibly want:
Binocular glasses with night-vision mode!
A rip-roaring go cart to tear down the road!
A remote-controlled plane with a camera inside!
An invisible robot that’s easy to hide!

But the one thing he does forget is the true meaning of Christmas. Trevor's list becomes so huge that it spills out of his house, down the street, through town and all the way to the post office...which happens to be closed for Christmas by the time Trevor is finally ready to send his list! Luckily Santa, with a little help from Trevor's parents, knows just what to get him: a fluffy brown puppy and the gift of friendship.

The Longest Christmas List Ever By: Gregg & Evan Spiridellis

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