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About Beulah Reimer Legacy

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​B.R.L. was created in loving memory of my grandmother, Beulah Reimer. She was a wise woman who learned braille to encourage me to become literate. Like me, she believed that literacy is the key to success for blind and sighted alike. Grandma and I enjoyed a variety of books together. It is my goal to provide Braille to all who can benefit from it. 

- April Enderton, C.E.O and Founder


At Beulah Reimer Legacy, we sell new and gently used print and braille children's books at affordable prices. While books are our specialty, we also braille other various learning materials; such as flashcards, puzzles, games, and more! 

Do you have a book you want that you cannot find on our website? Do you have any personal children's books laying around that you would like to add braille to? Beulah Reimer Legacy is also proud to offer braille-on-demand services. Either mail us the books or get in contact with us for a specific quote. 

Possibly the best feature B.R.L. has to offer is all of our shipping and handling (to any country) is absolutely free. 

Our mission here at B.R.L. is to increase Braille literacy and reading opportunities by placing braille in the hands of eager readers.

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