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Quotes I was highly impressed and so very happy with the awesomeness of BRL! The books are of very high quality. I love the variety of books and that there are more mainstream books such as Clifford, Curious George, and Dora. Customer service is amazing. April stayed in contact with me throughout my decision making process, ordering, and even checked to see if I received my order. My order arrived within less than a week. It was a great surprise to see it on my doorstep so quickly. I hid in the garage reading my daughter's new books and can't wait until Christmas when she will begin to enjoy them. The grab bag is a great value and no matter what books are in the bag, they will be perfect because unlike a traditional grab bag, BRL takes into account what types of books your child is interested in. I'll end my novel here. I will be returning in the near future to place more orders. I will also be spreading the word to my friends. Quotes
Book Lover!

Quotes I am again an very satisfied customer. BRL did an amazing custom order job for me. The books were brailled with high quality and I now have a beautiful collection of books for my daughter to love for a long time. April recieved the books and had them finished and shipped within 3 days. I was pleasantly surprised to get them so quickly. Again, thank you so much for the high quality beautiful work you do! Quotes
Satisfied Mom

Quotes What a great resource! Denise, my vibrant niece, who is legally blind due to being born prematurely, was absolutely elated to receive the BRL books for Christmas. Learning to read with her eyes as well as with her fingers has been a real journey and getting to read to her little sister from books with pictures and braille is a great learning opportunity for both of them. Thank you and keep up the great work! Quotes
Aunt to legally blind niece

Quotes Logan enjoyed opening the envelope with all our new books in them. I went through all the titles but he hasn't even looked at the other books since he found "Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar." He literally sleeps with this book and loves counting the cookies on each page since one disappears every page as you turn them. I'm so excited we still have four other books to explore and this one still has his attention. Thank you April! Quotes
We Love Our Grab Bag!